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Insurance claims that will make you want to update your plan asap

Every once in a while we hear about insane things happening to people – but what we don’t think about is how they recover from such things. How do people recover from things we wouldn’t think to prepare for? Insurance. That’s the answer. Read about these 3 real life insane insurance claim that makes you wonder what would happen if they happened to you.


Yes, cats. Reports and claims say that those cute four-legged furry best friends we love and would do anything for – they can cause some serious damage when they get into trouble. In the instance of modern appliances – specifically those that are motion censored. Think about it – your beautiful Snowball is up on the counter playing around, and his tail swinging in front of the motion censored faucet. With no one there to stop it, and a coincidental dish towel covering the drain can cause a quick overflow – and flood. So before you leave or a weeklong trip thinks about turning that feature off.


You never know what is going to fall out of the sky and come crashing through your house or hit you on your head. There are numerous things that can cause such random incidents to happen.

Outer space can cause such incidents to happen. There are numerous record claims in history from homeowners who have had space debris crash through their home. This could be small meteors, pieces of satellites or broken off fragments from rocket boosters. Any of the 35 million objects floating around space, could crash land in your home.

Besides from space objects falling and hitting you, there is something a little closer to earth that could hit you. Coconuts are known to kill 150 people worldwide. You could be just one of those people who gets hit. Though just because you get hit by a coconut doesn’t mean you will get killed, so but either way it’s nice to have insurance coverage.


Some of the most interesting things to learn are the funniest. That is where we can rely on celebrities and what body part they choose to insure. Yes, they insure their body – for millions of dollars! Take a look:

  • Bruce Springsteen – he insured his voice for $6 million
  • Daniel Craig – has his whole body insured for $9.5 million
  • Julia Roberts has her dazzling teeth insured for $30 million
  • David Beckham has his legs insured for $70 million – each
  • Mariah Carey – her legs are insured for $1 billion!


So if you ever become famous just know that you might need to look into insuring you body for a couple million (or billion) dollars.

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